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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Treat or Treat.

I tried my hand at making a “Happy Mail Folder” and mine is quite dull compare to some of them. As you can take a glance what is posted at pinterested HAPPY MAIL it's ideals to make your snail mail more eye apealing.

Front. As you can see it a collage.

Left hand side...3 post cards, paid .50¢ each a total of $1.50. Also add a few stickers, and my first every ATC.(Artist Trading Card)

Right hand side...It has FRIENDSHIP BOOK which she will need to start off . Then I also sent one to a pen pal friend in Maine for her to send off.
Each of my friendship book has 3 sheets of paper and hopeful they both return to her and she will end up with 6 new friends.
Also put in 2 blank note cards with stamps that she can use when ever. The very last items is a little note from me.
I went and picked up a few items for one of my pen pal just because.

Did ok for eating. Not all of my water in or didn't take my walk either. Yesterday Sunday I plan to be naughty and have one treat. Just for that day. I was in super one and standing in check out stand and sure had a strong desire to have a candy bar. 
But in morning when I was picking up the items for my pen pal just because package. No desire for a candy bar.

It good to live and learn.

Coffee is on 


  1. People still snail mail?

  2. Yes Alice and you can put a search in google and or facebook. Something will come up.

  3. Very creative - and very nice that you still have pen pals in this age of technology! I'm sure they appreciate it!


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