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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Why Oh Why

Things didn't go as smooth this time around when it comes to tearing down the shed. We thought of pulling nail out of the rafters but we were blinded by sky light.
So we though of loosing up the rafter. Which end up being a “Cuss Fess” I even join right on in. Murphy thought of cutting the rafters out. This is his up coming plan As he cutting out the rafters I'm going hold up rafter with something like a rake and hold the rafter in place, as we nails sometime of temporary header in place.
Question time...Where in hell is he going to put the chain saw as he nailing?
I think we need a plan B. I'm guess we will end up combine A and B then end up the plan C instead.
But we took all the plywood off the North side. It was all rotten and we haul it to the dump. Heavier the shit.
So we got some more done on it.

Last Wednesday Quennela gave me some white crocus. I dived them in half, about ½ dozen in each group. Planted some in my hodge podge flower bed, below my front window.
Then the other group I put out in my “good will” flower bed.

As for my weight lost challenge. I seem to be having a bumpy ride. Although haven't ate any prepackage food.

I get frustrated and I get no support here in my weight lost journey.  


  1. The white crocus sound lovely :-)

    Good luck with your weight loss journey. I am struggling with mine at the moment.

  2. As of this morning I am no longer a property owner, now I'm just squatting, moving is a pain in the ass.


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