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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Lunch Sacks

I went to a essential oil class put on by DOTERRA I found the class informative and some what entertaining.
Opinion time...I think people has un realistic balance how we should take care of our bodies and minds.
I don't think modern medicine or alternative medicine have all the answer. There claim is that modern medicine only treat the symptoms. Well they past this essential oil claiming it will heal your aches and pains. Sorry I don't recall which one she past around. I rub it on back of my neck and I'll admit the heat made me feel better. But in 3 or 4 hours the effect was gone. My neck was hurting again.
They both ware off.

I wonder if any these people live in real world. They were talk how there raising there children in non toxic world. A natural world.
I know a family who ate organic and also was into all of this essential oil. There son was invited to an Pizza party, his parents brought him sack lunch.
I won't even bother asking “What do you think happen” Soon as his parents was gone; he tossed the sack in the trash can. Ate pizza and drank soda pop.

Essential oil have there place, and so does modern medicines. I went over to the FDA and put in “essential oil” some stuff shows up.
Doesn't matter what term one puts in at Food and drug administration one can find it strength and weakness.
I try to find what percentage of the budget the food and drug administration gets. I couldn't get a exact number. But it looks like it less then five percent and we spend a lot on our military.
Statement time...I rather put my money into good nutritional food. Then either medicine and or essential oil.

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  1. My number one daughter is into essential oils, she gave me two bottles for different things but they had no effect on me.

    Ann swears that Vicks vaporub is great for aches and it is cheap.

  2. exercise and green veggies.

    i sit in a hot bath reading a book for about 30 minutes most nights and it works wonders. takes away stiffness and gets the blood circulating really good around my knees and feet.


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