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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Itchy Part Is Done

 We pulled down the old fiberglass insulation in the ceiling. And the ceiling went to. Made out of practical boards.
If work schudle works out we will be taking down the rest of the metal this up coming Tuesday.

I didn't get my walks in for last few days but my eating been pretty much on track. I depoist my pay check in the bank today, and the bank had cookies out and I had one.
No eating after seven in evening been actual fairly easy for me.
But getting in water been a hard one for me. It even seem harder this week then last.

Coffee is on

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  1. Ms Dora,

    I have been meaning to comment and tell you what a delightful blog you have for some time but I am a lousy commenter! and often just say the heck with it! I really like your posts and have enjoyed some of the other blogs on your list as well. I wish you well and my best to you and yours.

    the mohave rat


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