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Friday, March 20, 2015

If It Wasn't For The Chai Tea

I shouldn't hit my self to hard. I did ok eating today. Took my lunch with me, to work. Carrie had an x-ray appointment in Sandpoint.
After wards we stop in at Yokes and in deli they have chairs. Confession time...Drank a chai tea.
Before work, I took a walk on Amoth rd. Which is family name of Mennonite here. The road I walk is North of Bonners Ferry and East of Three Mile corner. A pretty short road it took me round trip 10 to 15 minutes.

So I finish my walking in downtown Bonners Ferry and I got little over 20 minutes in.

Breakfast I had a pancake, syrup 1 tablespoon worth, ½ banana sliced, and peanut butter.
Lunch, A burrito I made at home, in the burrito is beef, chili, onion, pepper, cheese, rice, tomaots, and celery.
I did snack on the rest of celery stick, and ate rest of the banana at Lunch time.
For dinner Pork Chop, Corn Bread, and beets.
I notice at hospital in Sandpoint against the building was some pretty crocus.

Coffee is on  


  1. You are ahead with us with the crocuses. It's snowing today. Again. We are having a real pity party, some of us. We will surely embrace spring when it comes. Could you please send it our way? Alana

  2. At least it isn't raining here.


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