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Friday, March 13, 2015

If I Want It, I'll Have To Drive To Bonners Ferry Or Naples

I mange to stay on task for the challenge. I'm typing this actual a few minute before seven in evening. I don't eat after seven. Ok I do have a back up food plain pop corn.
MODERN FAMILY was on and there was a scene were two people was talking and one was eating a hot fudge sunday and let me tell you. It look so good and yummy. If we had ice cream in the freezer I don't know if I could keep from eating it.
I believe Sunday I'm going have a sweet treat of some type.

Murpry and I went out North Bench today. We started to tear off the roof, slowly. Right now we're taking off the tin.
Dug up some grand fir and replanted at this place. Hauled a little bit of what was left of garbage.

My walk down to the corner usual takes me just under half hour. Being sore it was almost 40 minutes.

I got my first bloom of the season. Crocus in my hodgepodge flower bed. And in my good will flower bed a snowdrop.

Today I'm glad there no ice cream in our freezer.

Coffee is on

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