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Monday, March 02, 2015

Farewell My Trash

Murphy and I been getting stuff out of the shed on the North Bench. We been taking stuff to the dump.I believe we got all the stuff that goes to the dump. I know Steve and I took 3 load to dump. I believe he took 1 with out me.

This is the items I sort though and off to the dump these item went.
Murphy mainly sort though metal, piping and electrical.

Now what left in shed now is useable and or yard sale items. 
Aventuly we will tear down the shed and use the lumber. We would like to built a deck off our slider in the dinning room.

  As Murphy was sweeping I went out and took a couple of photos. My mother in law sold her place. I'm guessing the new owners log a spot out. The trees were in pretty bad shape. Actual they needed to come out a long time ago.
Question time...I wonder if there going to built a home?
  So this is our property. We will be listing it for sale next year. But before we actual do I want to give Sawyer and Bart first change to buy it. Murphy bought it from his dad at cost. Tax value with no interested. I'm willing to that for Sawyer and Bart.
Not many livable wage jobs in Bonners Ferry area. I don't see either one move here anytime in near future.

Coffee is on 


  1. It's definitely spring cleaning time, isn't it? At least here in Idaho. I suspect those back east aren't quite feeling the spring vibe just yet. - Where will you move Dora?

  2. MMM. We have two pieces of property. We're not moving.

  3. I think it is hard for any young person to make a living wage these days, no matter what country they come from. Everyone says education is the key but then those kids get out of College and are in debt over school and still can't get jobs. Very nice of you to offer the cost of the land to them.

  4. Cheap Chick...I wish we could just hand over to them. But we could use the extra money for our retirement.
    Coffee is on

  5. My place is going to be a hard sell, thanks to the county I won't get much for it, but I guess anything is better than nothing.

    I put stuff on the other side of the fence where I put up a FREE STUFF sign, most of it gets packed away so I don't have to take it to the transfer station.

    I'm going to have a few yard sales myself before going to Texas.

  6. Not sure how our place will sell. The airport is interested in property around us. But not ours.
    I'm thinking someone who is a airplane nut and want to live close to the airport might be interested in it.


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