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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Egnostic and Everything With Eggaxactly

I'm an egg eater. But that not what I want to blog about. I have my two local charity I give to. So I stop in at HARVEST foods and picked up seven dozen eggs. Took up to our local food bank and donate it. It cost me just under $14.00. Eggs are $1.88 at harvest foods. Just in case anyone does math and wonder why I paid $14.00. Idaho charges sale tax on foods.
They weigh everything that comes in and goes out. Well the seven dozen eggs weigh in a little over 12 pounds.
They'll cut them in half and put it in there pantry refrigerator. It will help out 14 people in our community.

I don't do INSTAGRAM but I'm willing to pass the word about the give away. Stop on over at LOST ART OF LETTER WRITTING REVIVED is having.

I'll be weigh in and before friday I'll post the results.

Coffee is on

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  1. That is very kind of you. We go to our local food bank, and are always happy and grateful when there are eggs there.


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