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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Don't Recall Being Bored For A Long Time

It been a little while since I posted anything on my blog. Let briefly talk about work. My friend Alice been ill and ended up in the emergency room. They thought she had an ulcer but present time there not sure. She tried to work but couldn't make it though her shift. She want me to go out and fill in for her a little bit. I've worked for these people Joel and Candy. I haven't yet made up my mind if I'll go out. I find there place stressful. It's there tone that they put forth, mostly him. We could use the extra cash.
We got notice from our C.P.A and this year he charging us $250.00 and yet don't know the results.

 I made anther ATC card and I'll be using it as part of my “Pick 3 Swap” although not sure what the other 2 items will be.

Murphy and I been doing real well on tearing the shed down on the North Bench. Today we went out and haul the plywood from the roof. The other day he brought home the 2 by 6 also from the roof.

Today was weigh in at T.O.P.S I was down ¾ of a pound. Let see how I thought I did today. I got in a walk although it wasn't as long as some of them. I only walk down to the fourth power line pole.
Some dog was barking and Daisy got scared and started to run home. “She such a home body”
Dinner I ate off the small plate, tried a new season on chicken; curry and coconut flakes.
Although didn't get my water down.

Judy and I been working on trying to get a local group of people together who is interest in “Earth Base Faith” which I call pagans. Our first thing is quite simple Meet and Greet others who are liked minded.

My body is my temple.

Coffee is on 


  1. bbc makes an excellent point.

    some days my body is my temple and other days i want to toss it into the trash can.

  2. Mmm coffee...

    That's a very cute ATC you've made for your swap. The butterfly is very pretty. I hope you have fun swapping!

    All the best,

    Amaranth (comment and follow #41)

  3. Hi there~ I'm one of your swap partners (georgianeko) for "Comment and Follow #41" on Swap-Bot.

    Beautiful ATC! I still haven't tried making or swapping any of those... I'm a newbie you see *sigh*

    I like how your blog is like a diary, very real and down to earth! Which is what blogs are meant to be about~

    Followed~ <3

    Have a nice day!

  4. Weight loss can be daunting. I am working on it myself and know that any walking you get in is good. You hang in there. I am adding your blog to my bloglovin. [comment and follow #41 - tatntole]


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