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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wish It Could Be Simple.

I never thought I would have been never been over weight. Statement... I stay away from white sugar, salt, and fat with this challenge.
But still getting in my water seem to be the hardest for me. But with the challenge I do get in a lease four glasses of water, 24 ounce of water. I usual purchase a more healthier peanut butter. My hubby got this.

  As you see I hasn't over weight when I was young. I even tried to act sexy. I believe I was just out of high school

 My mom Myra at my high school "Mother and daughter high school tea" I believe I was a Jounior. 

It little late. We got our Yule package from Sawyer and Betty. I got a voodoo doll. I wish I had them the other day. The Jehovah Witness showed up. I answered the door and ask them if they were Jehovah Witness and they said “yes” I told them I was a “Witch” and told them to leave and slam the door in there face.
Murphy said I was “mean to them” and snickering as he was saying it. Next time they show up I'll bring out my voodoo doll.

I been working on my stamp collection. I collect stamps of people. At the moment I'm working on the  CHEF collection.
I sign up to do a swap, over at Swap bot. I'm taking part in PICK THREE Also invited to ESSENTAIL oil party. I don't know anything about there product. But we have some up coming expensive. So I won't be purchasing anything.

There no thing as an awful day.

Coffee is on


  1. I had to giggle about you telling them you were a Witch. I once told them something similar - that I was a pagan! (which I guess I kind of am...)

    Fortunately we don't get them knocking on the door here too often - think the last time was two or three years ago.

  2. Carol..They don't show up here all that often.

  3. The only advice I can give folks trying to lose weight is to tell them to eat less.


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