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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pleased With The Results

I know mention about the challenge we're doing in our local T.O.P.S group. Everyone decided to continue on with it.
Everyone in group lost except one lady. I end up with a 1 ½ pound lost. Well we're running the challenge until Easter with is the 5th of April and our weigh in is the 7th.
There is 10 things one can earn points...keep a food journal (1pt)....each 20 minute of cardio exercise is worth (1pt)....10 minute strength exercise (1pt).....8 glasses of water (1pt).....eat a health breakfast(1pt).....eat 3 clean meals (up to 3 pts. One for each meal)....No eating after 7pm (1pt)....3 serving of fruits/veggies...saying no to a craving or a temptation....(unlimited pts! Everytime you resist a craving)...Positivity/gratitude statement (1pts).
Well considering it got off to rough start. I did all of them except two of them which is strength exercise and craving one.
Confession time...I'm going the craving one a little different that it would benefit me more. If I go all day with out having a sugary, salty and or fatty snack then I'll mark it.

I stop in at work and had a one cookie and a piece of peanut butter chocolate fudge. I wasn't to happy with my husband having a fettuccine Alfredo for lunch. It has over 35% salt in it. But I did have a hot meal when I got home.

Yesterday I hung the ceramic ornament and sprayed a sealer on it. I bought the bisque at POTTERY BUG some time ago. I was wondering how ceramic shops were ran since I had mine. Which would be about 22 years ago.

Remember I told you that I was going though some boxes in basement. I started going though, I'm using the blue tote of items I want to keep. Mange to get though two boxes.

Every Effect Is Worth The Final Results.

Coffee is on

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