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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

It Was Right Where I Put It

ENERGY ASSISTANCE  is the only so called government program, Murphy and I qualify for.
The energy assistant bases on three months of income. For two people it's $5,899.00. We made $5,489.16. Petty darn close a $409 difference.
I hope we aren't wasting our time and get something like $15 bucks. I briefly talk to the lady who helps you with applying for energy assistant and she thought we should get around $200.00.
If it over $50 I guess it worth our time to run into Bonners Ferry and apply for it.
The main reason I bought up about going to energy assistants was a few days ago I got all the paper worked lined up. Thought I put in a safe place.
Then yesterday morning (February 2, 2015) I thought I put in safe and easy place. Well I couldn't find it. So I stop in place that does energy assistants and had to admit. I was stupid and put it up so good and now I could find my pay stubs.
They change my appointment until next Monday the 9th in morning. Any way they over booked. So that day I have to have Carrie in to Sandpoint for her doctor appointment. So Murphy will be handling it.

I finely had the change and start to walk. I didn't even cough once. But I still feel tight in the chest. I went for a walk by my friend Alice neighborhood.
It wasn't much of a walk, 508 steps.

The 3rd a little later on in morning will be my weigh in at T.O.P.S. When I miss I go off track but I had this nasty cough and didn't want to cough and hack on anyone. Since I help weigh people in and I'm face to face with people.
So I''m crossing my finger for just pound gain. But who knows.

Guess what soon as I got home I found all my back pay stubs I need for energy assistants

Coffee is on

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