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Monday, February 16, 2015

Got Right Back On

Valentine day I didn't except to do all that well and even lost count on my T.O.P.S challenge. But Sunday I got right back on it.

Murphette stay the night. Saturday to Sunday. Let her shower. Sunday afternoon we went out on oak street to see about getting Murphette a room.
He rent room to homeless vets. He deputies them and have the do guard duty. Well he went on in on about bunch of bullshit. He didn't set well with me.
I told Murphette I help her out twice and I would let her stay until Wednesday. She drove off. Anyhow she has two daughter and one step son living here in the area. I don't mine helping someone but I sure not in to enabling them. If I kept put her up every time she makes poor choices they will just continue. I've made poor choices and still do but I learn from them.

Fried eggs and potatoes, with a sausage patty. Had piece of toast with peanut butter and slice strawberries. Look like dinner I'm having a bake potato with 2 teaspoon of dressing, chicken, and salt with vinegar dressing.

I'm still taking part a month of letters. My next letter is heading to Solveija.

It better to give and to receive.

Coffee is on   

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