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Friday, February 06, 2015

Face It No Damage Done

Yesterday after noon Alice, Carrie and I went to “Under the Sun” for a cup of coffee and chat. I was going to take my camera and make a video about how I'm doing on my weight lost challenge. But I left my camera out in car.
One thing in this challenge we are to walk 20 minute and get our heart rate up. It been raining with not much of a break.
So I been doing the tread mill instead.
The 4th of February Murphy and I went and spend the evening with Jeff and Lalita. There living at his mom Megan place next to the Restorium.
They invited a few other people a guy name Edison who knew my Uncle Melvin and Aunt Bea. He ask me why I didn't attend the “Grace Bible” church. It seem on both side of my family Father and Mother is a wide selection of choice of religions.
Then there was anther guy “Murphy” not my husband.
We had Pizza and slice of apple pie. In a our weekly weight lost challenge I couldn't mark that I ate “clean” But today I did. For fruit and veggies I ate a pear, orange, onion, spinach, and tomatoes.
We had a evening of table game one table of penny anti poker and rumi cub.

Coffee is on    


  1. I have never met anyone w/the first name Murphy!

  2. Carol..Names on my blog our fictional. But other then that everything is true.


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