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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Don't Know What it is.

Finely stop in at our local food bank and brought in a few items. A can of coffee, 2 boxes of cracker and bag of hard candy. The last two were marked down. I won't spend over $15.00. I want to get two cans of coffee but that would put it over $15.00. I purchase cheapest can of coffee.
When I go in there they seem not to be much for salvaging or some place it called the “pantry” I don't know if you notice the items I gave starts with the letter “C”

I went and weigh in at T.O.P.S and I thought I would gain a pound or even more. I would have been delighted with one pound gain. I only gain ½ pound of weight.
Right now the group is running a challenge. It point thing and it has 10 different task to do. One is to keep a food journal.
For breakfast I had an omelet, lunch was left over Turkey soup, and dinner I had a burrito and put lot of veggies in it.
For me the hardest thing will be to get my water down. 64 ounce of it.

My first cousin Amira is in our T.O.P.S group and her daughter Perla husband Basil which would be my first cousin once remove. On weekend is working for my Aunt Eve youngest son Duncan. Well my Aunt Eve is the one who wasn't honest about our taxes when we worked for her. Anyhow I think Duncan is capable of pulling the same stunt as his mother does.
They have no ethic about doing under hand crap to other people. They look at people who don't pull in $5,000 a month or more low lives. Bottom feeders.
She told Perla and Basil it was under the table. Same story. I might be pissed about it. Mostly being lied to but I don't think it worth taking action that will end me up in a state correctional institution.
Let get right to point Basil been there for arm robbery. He has a gun and he gets disability for being crazy. He even admit it. I guess part of rules in his disability that he isn't safe to work because he crazy and possible danger to others. If he is that danger I don't know why there letting him run about on streets.
I think if my Aunt Eve does the same stunt she pulled on Murphy and I. There a good chance he will go ballistic and do some real harm. I sure hope he doesn't hurt her to bad.
I know it won't do any good to tell her. One time she said only “rich people are smart” and “people with out money are stupid”...So what do I know.
So other issue with my cousin Perla actual she reminds me of my friend Murphette. There something about her I like.
Well I haven't told anyone in family what Aunt Eve did to us. At this time it won't do any good. Aunt Eve gets a lot of respect because she got money and there is no way that she could be un-ethical.

I don't know what it is but I like helping other people out. I've told different people that I'm purchasing a few items each month with my pay check. One of there respond is “Oh you must be a Christian” and when I say “No” I get a strange look .

Coffee is on

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