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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Couldn't Take Credit

I been taking part in our T.O.P.S challenge. One thing on this challenge is “Clean Eating” which means you can't have any prepared foods or foods high in sugar, fats and salt.
Sunday my husband made “Top Random” the only thing I could say is “Yuk” but he ate most of it.

Monday I took my client Carrie to Sandpoint for her medical appointments and I always want to stop, and have a pastry at PINE STREET BAKERY I knew Monday I was going to eat at Pine Street bakery and wouldn't be able to mark off “Clean Eating”
As for the top random I had about a ¼ of cup.

I got though all the boxes and took the last little bit to the thrift store. I need to go though the boxes one more time. I believe most of the items in box will be go out for a yard sale.
So for dinner on the 9th I had chicken wing, ½ cup of corn and a bake potato. On the potato I put on 2 teaspoon, yes teaspoons not a tablespoons. “Feta Dill Dressing”

Coffee is on 

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