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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Photo Hunt (Shelter)

There been unjust prejudices on how residents are picked for the Jenni Lane apartments here in BONNERS FERRY Idaho.
The Jenni Lane apartments are subsidize though HUD These are for low income families. That they pay a third of there income for there rent. Also there is deduction per head for each member of a household. In the rent which also includes utilities.
There some other small requirement to be able to get in these apt. Like you can't be a threat or danger to any human. Your income resource can't be over 2,000 and your first vehicle doesn't account against the resource limit The reason for this is “A person needs one decent rig to get to the place of employment” but a second rig counts against your resource.
But the Jenni Lane has refuse people occupancy do to having out standing debt. My friend LaWalla couldn't get in there because she has out standing medical bills.
Then my other friend Murphette couldn't be come a resident there. She also had a out standing loan and payments was up to date on.
As soon as both people had there back bills free and clear then they could move into the Jenni Lane apartments.
I have heard other cases about people who income was low enough and wasn't a threat to others. They claim they couldn't get into Jenni Lane to do “money troubles” Opinion time...In plain term this a form of prejudices for SHELTER for the low income and poor people

Next week theme for photo hunt will be FAN

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  1. Sometimes it is easy to forget how luck and well-off so many of us are.It is criminal that some folks ahve to struggle for something so basic as shelter . . . particularly in the richest country in the world!

  2. I totally agree with you and with Jerry's comment. It is very sad. Great blog post! Coffee was perfect today Thank you :)

  3. I have no idea how it all works but as long as I own my little piece of shit property free and clear I will always have a roof over my head.

  4. It sad that people have such a difficult time with something as basic as shelter. I guess I can understand, to a point, the landlord's perspective. They don't want to be chasing people around for their rent. But you've got to give a person a break too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I dunno. If you have low income, you usually do have outstanding bills of some kind.

  6. The other HUD housing places the only thing they check is what the state requires and if your rent is paid on time.
    IF we want to get into the Jenni lane apts, just saying.
    Anyhow our resource is to high...but right now I still have $45 out on the credit card and they wouldn't let us in. Until it was paid.

  7. It seems to me that people with outstanding debts are more in need of help than others. I'm glad you're raising this issue.

  8. social housing is a racket up here. i know a few people in social housing that only report the income from some small part time job and qualify for social housing even though they make lots of money in some sort of business.


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