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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Photo Hunt (Present)

I been slowly working on slipper socks that I'm crocheting. Which I'm planning to make for 2015 Christmas gifts. Since this is my first time trying to follow a pattern. My present speed is slow and I believe once I do a sock, other socks should come long more quickly.
This is my first choice of color I picked to do slipper socks in. 

Next weekend photo is SUPERFLUOUS. If all works out I should be in Medford Oregon visiting my son and his wife, next weekend.
So I don't know if I'll be playing.

Coffee is on


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and inviting me round. I never turn down a cup of coffee! Keep going with those slipper socks, I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out now

  2. I like the multi-colored yarn. It should make lovely slippers. Have a wonderful time with your son.

  3. Safe travels! Looks like a lovely colour for the socks, post a piccy maybe when you are finished :)

    My "present"post

  4. I am sure that you can stay busy with that yarn on your way to Oregon.
    Happy PhotoHunting in the New Year!

  5. I've been crocheting for around 45 years. It's a lot of fun. Practice makes perfect. I always have had to use patterns - I have never been able to look at something and figure it out (or use the patterns that use symbols - I guess I'm just not that visual a person.) Alana


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