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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Numbers Didn't Move

Usual in the evening I type out for my blog post and have it come up at four in the morning my time, pacific time that is.
So as I'm typing this post out I'm watching HOGAN HERO 

Well I took Carrie out to the Hope House out by Moyie Springs. It's a place they give our free items. Mostly clothing. She got a few items.
This is way it work first time your aloud five complete set of clothing. Then I believe you can get two additional set of clothing each month.
Then you can also get 3 items such as paper towel, shampoo, dish soap, tooth brush, toilet paper, and I believe you get the ideal.
She got 2 rolls of toilet paper and one roll of paper towels. And of course some clothing sets.

I weight in at our local T.O.P.S meeting and the scale didn't move. So I maintain.

Coffee is on  

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