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Monday, January 05, 2015

No Need To the Stress Brain.

I knew they would be a question, that I would have enough light to video tape in our basement. I thought I would take around a light with me. So I tried two different flashlights. Neither one had the results I needed.
So I thought of getting the a trouble light will give me enough light. But it in the shop/garage. Plus it doesn't have bulb. I know that doesn't sound bad. But guess what we don't have any bulbs in house. I already put on my list of items to get.
'm considering putting in some tracking lights. Although I'm not sure which type I need. I mainly need light so people can see the project there working on. Nothing fancy or costly.
I got this wall side done. Either items went to the trash or thrift store. Actual they weren't much that will be going in a yard sale. But I will go back though it at a later date.
Personal I would like to put the desk in a yard sale. My parents got this desk when I was in Junior High School. But Murphy thinks we should keep it. Well if we keep it. It not staying there. Simple because I want to shift the wood pile there.
It the desk stay I have two places it can go.

Now it time to go across the way and sort though the boxes.

Coffee is on  


  1. I have a desk much like that in my little 'art space' (less than 100 sq ft) in the basement. Problem is our basement floods a lot and is very damp. That poor desk has taken a beating.

    Have a good week, Dora!

  2. I have some track lights that were given to me that I've never installed.

  3. I just posted pictures of what it looks like here today.

  4. You are braver than I am - I would never post a picture of anything in my house (except my plants and flowers, that is). Alana

  5. Hi,
    1. Can I post any link or ideally should it be relevant to your content? I don't do crafts. I do have posts about relationships inside the home. I don't want to look "spammy." I've only been blogging a few months.

  6. My hubby put up track lighting for me to illuminate my sewing area - much better than the one lamp that used to be there!


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