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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

It Not Going To Put a Cramp In My Life Style.

During the night of Jan 5th I woke to new snow, we got about 12 inches. We had about 9 inches before that.
So everything is slow.
The mail using runs around noon here. Murphy shovel out path ways around the place. After work I shovel out our mailbox.

Not expecting anything important in mail. Every so often the mail people will stick a note in everyone box. Telling what is your responsibility with your box.
One thing I haven't yet figure out how our county, Boundary. Manage there plowing. I live on a dead end road. Not the main county drag.
This morning right off they plowed out our part of county road. I drove out this morning heading to work.
When I got pass my Aunt Eve place taking a right heading toward the highway. Nothing was done the last part of the road.
The only thing I can figure the person who was driving the snow plow didn't like someone on that road.
The people I work for is from Kentucky. Live a lot place though out United States. I didn't expect them to remove any snow. Well they did moved a spot for there little dog to do there business.
So I shovel out around there mini van and a path out to there trash can.

Coffee is on


  1. Well, a dog isn't going to let them NOT make a place to go, right? I hope you charged them for the plowing. As to your little stretch of road getting plowed, count yourself lucky. Most of the side streets where I live never see a plow.

  2. good exercise shoveling snow but take it easy. lots of canadians have heart attacks shoveling the stuff.

  3. Billy. Plenty of American also have heart attack shoveling snow.


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