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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Didn't Slobber On Anyone

First time back to work today. I did all right a little coughing. I just caught them up with lighter house keeping, dishes, wipe the counters, wash the toilet, swept the floor, fold the clothes that was in the dyer.
And had some coffee with them. I made it.
I did a a few errands. One was to stop in at Post Office in Bonners Ferry to pick up a sheet of 20 stamps. I collect stamps with people on them. So I try to purchase stamps with people on them. But of course I'm thrilled when a postage stamp have a a person on it.
So this time I got the “Chef Celebrity” stamps.
Also I picked up and red padded envelope. The only place in Bonners Ferry that cares something like that would be Huckleberry variety store. But they were low on most of there envelope.

But I also mange to go over to Huckleberry and get a few items. My main reason was to get my “Pay it Forward” usual first part of the year on face book ...There something like this....(copy and paste) I'm looking for 5 people to send a little something to at random. At unknown time I will be sending you a little something.
So I picked up a few items for my cousin Edna who lives down by Courd'Alene. I purchase some gray color finger nail polish, stickers for the nails, package banana flavor candy and fishing lure.
Then for my self I got some peppermint hard candy. I was going to put in some cough drops in my pocket but I forgot them. Just in case I start hacking away. Then I got a blank card.

After work I drove up past the three mile junction. Was heading up to the BAMBOO ROOM CRAFTS  I was going to purchase some stickers and paper. But they were close.
Before I went home I did stop in at the Seventh Day Adventist thrift store and got some blank cards. They charge .39¢ each.

Coffee is on

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