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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Couldn't Control Making up Resolutions

I Have awful habit of making resolutions. Well stupid me. I believe shortly before Christmas I told my self. “No new year resolution or goal setting in 2015” I never stick or complete them.
I can only recall keeping one resolution for an entire year. That was blogging three hundred sixty five days.
I was surprise that actual I figured three hundred sixty five narrative to blog about.
Since I could handle cold turkey. Cutting back to three I feel comfortable.
Like everyone I have short coming, mental and physical trouble. Statement time..Yes we all nuts including my self.

Haven't yet told anyone my three goals for 2015.

First one is to loose ¾ of pound a daily. I know that isn't going to happen. But If I get a mind set. I hope I can make it happen on a weekly bases.
The resulted is 35 pounds which still won't make my finial goal weight.

Is to get rid of my stuff. Not sure what my priority or exactly how it should be tackled. A few days I went sort of though my file cabinet and desk in basement.
Result is a ceramic studio in our basement.
To improve my self. One thing is to be kinder person, experience and learn new things. So others can benefit from it.
I just might have better luck three goals then entire list. Oh I see there four I'm going to try to blog for all 2014

Coffee is on


  1. Happy New Year, Dora!

  2. Hi Dora,

    Happy New Year!

    Looking forward on your posts in this new year!

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your 2015 goals! What a great accomplishment to have blogged every day of the year! No easy feat. Also, being a kinder person, becoming healthier and looking to live a more minimal life will surely help improve your quality of life. Best of luck to you in your adventures. And I believe you will accomplish these goals!

  4. I don't do resolutions and never have. I set daily goals, 6 things I can accomplish in a day. If I check 'em all off the list. Hooray. If not, oh well. Tomorrow's another day. Yay you for setting your goals and resolutions! I'll be here cheering you on! Happy New Year Dora!

  5. be careful getting rid of your stuff. everytime i get rid of something, i seem to need it a few days later and kick myself in the ass.

    happy new year!

  6. I haven't done resolutions for many years, it is all nonsense.

  7. Good luck keeping your resolutions. The first one sounds extreme to me -- and I would have no idea how to do such a thing! -- but the two others sound very good indeed!

  8. Great resolutions! I know the feeling of making them even though you know full well it isn't going to happen. Writing a blog post every day of the year is something to be proud of, that is hardcore!
    Good luck in your goals for this year, maybe you'll surprise yourself!


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