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Saturday, January 24, 2015

At Time Things Need To Come Into Your Neighborhood

Living in Bonners Ferry area. Things don't move all that much and there is a group of people who wants no change in our community.
I will be the first to confession time...I don't want to loose our small town feel.
At time things need to change. Our young people are leaving to work other places. I don't know anyone comon labor in our community even makes $15 an hour.

People are shocked around here I make $12 an hour.

WINCO is looking to put in a new store. I think either Bonners Ferry or Sandpoint would be good location. Although Sandpoint has a larger population base.
One needs to consider the money from Montana. I don't see any at all in Montana. Which would bring people from TROY and LIBBY 
Also there the Canadians who comes down from CRESTON and CRANBROOK to shop. There no WinCo in Canada.

At different time new business tried to come in and for different reason never made to our local community.
I never understood this. JOHN BIRCH didn't want any federal grant money to improve our community . I thought there main thing was to stop communism.
And the opposite of communism is capitalism.
At one time in our past, local John Birch put a stop for letting no new business into our area.

At different time at different local events I've heard the John Birch use term "SOCIALISM"quite freely.

Although I'm not sure how WinCo is funded when coming into a new communtiy. But here is a link to there FACEBOOK   page and were the heart is put in your town if you want a WinCo.

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  1. Some people don't want any change, and they'll wonder why their community dies when the young people move away. Good luck!

  2. If new businesses are set up in your town, there will be employment opportunities for the residents.


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