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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Photo Hunt (Precious)

Time is a precious thing. My mom and I would our annual holiday fruit cake.

Next week photo hunt theme will be BEAUTY Not sure if I will take part. Will be in Oregon visiting my son and his wife.

So below is my adventure in making fruit cake and link to recipe is below....
Do to some things in my control and not...I decided to do a collages of steps in making a fruit cake.

I have to say the first batch was more appealing then the second batch. The second batch had taste a little bit better. Although the first batch nothing to sneeze at.

These will be give away these FRUIT CAKE for yule. I need to soak some in White Christmas a blend of rum and brandy.

Well as you can see this sure isn't for those who want or need to eat healthy. If I make them again next year. I would like to make a healthier version.

Coffee is on


  1. i don't know if eating fruit cake is a state of mind or there's just such a huge difference in recipes. sometimes i can't get enough of it and other times i can barely eat one bite.

  2. I love dense moist fruit cake! One gramma would make them yearly - the one gramma who no one would think of as being homey/motherly. One of my favorite memories.

  3. Never cared for fruit cake - except for one time when it was so fresh and I couldn't remember where I had it! Fun post

  4. Hmmm, fruit cake. Couldn't even tell you the last time I had some!

  5. What a wonderful family tradition!

    I smiled at your comment about healthy eating -I am not sure there is anything healthy at all about eating at this time of the year. :-)


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