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Monday, November 03, 2014

Snail Mail Promotion

.Running a Mom and Pop shop in an area which gives the big box store a tax break. Can be crippling for the small business owner But small business actual help your local economy more then larger box stores do. But I'm not here to promote any box stores.
Getting one name out there can be difficult because lack of funds. So one needs to think out side of the box.

I'm using our postal service to promote my businesNICE AND NIFTY

Been sending an ornament to each State in the Union. I picked them at random. So far I've picked PLAINSVILLE CT MALIBU CA  and OAK HARBOR WA
The way I find an snail mail address is by using ZILLOW

This ornament will be a random address in BURLINGTON WY Used zillow to find a random address with.
Since I don't know if the home is empty or not. I just change the address slightly.
In the package I put in hand address card saying...Hope you enjoy your free hand painted ceramic ornament from “Nice and Nifty Stuff” We;re trying to give an ornament to every State in the Union...Please like us on facebook....Please like us on Esty.

Listed two ornaments for sale on my esty page. One is a PARTRIDGE and the other one is MOON 

This year the ornaments are selling for $2.50 each.

We having a give away called...Snail Mail Promotion

Coffee is on


  1. That's an interesting advertising champagne. I can see some pitfalls, though. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

  2. Not doing something is no way of gaining.
    The ornament to each state will not be done this year.

  3. You'll have to let us know how many states you get done and what the response is!

  4. Very interesting idea! I often include small items, such as fridge magnets with my business info, with customer orders from my primary site or Etsy shop. Sometimes I add an extra item for free, like a small bag or a pillow with a quilt order.

  5. What an interesting way to promote the mail service. We barely use it any more I must admit tho. Love your pretty ski in the post above. Crisp and clear ... And it's kinda gray here today, so I welcome it!


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