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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Photo Hunt (Books)

Actual one time this was my dish hutch. But I always want a different one and we finely had the chance to get anther one.
I thought of selling this. But I thought it would make a better book case. I still would like to put it in the smaller bed room and which I would like to turn into craft/office.

Next week photo theme will be FEATHERS

Coffee is on


  1. I have several bookcases!
    My hutch (that looks just like this) Has had many lives :-)

    Thanks for the coffee~

  2. Would be sad to sell it ! it's a nice book shelf !

  3. I have a few book shelves, and I'm going to buy more. haha....

  4. looks like an excellent display case for crafts too.

  5. Okay, carry on....

  6. There never seem to be enough bookshelves. Next week’s theme should be easy for me.

  7. A great idea for your old hutch! Coffee is extra good this morning thank you :)

  8. that book case needs some books :)

  9. I love books and to read! But I screwed up my PhotoHunt; I (for some reason) thought it was Fall.,Lol.

  10. Hi Dora,
    Neat idea to get people to write stories for you. I wrote my second book : 100 years in Borneo, and am planning to write a war time story, Fiction in the holidays.

  11. Love book cases of any build. You have given me an idea...


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