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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

If Everyone Had Soft Touch The World Wouldn't Be Harsh

Statement time...I try to spend my money at certain place that have respect for workers and the environment.
Since I live in area that don't offer much for everyday items. I some time get push in purchasing from Walmart. I can tell you one thing in a year time. Statement...I haven't spend a 100 bucks there.

I didn't know October is fair trade month. It should be in act everyday. I'm sorry to say the world isn't a fair place.

I try to make things fair as I can.
Maybe two weeks ago I went on a tour though the old part of LOCAL CEMETERY and learn about symbol on grave stone...Three chain length means they had connection with ODD FELLOWS I guess when the time comes I want a pentacle and a broom on my stone. The broom is to represent to “sweep away the world injustice” I know I won't be able to sweep away the injustice of the world but if I can do my small part, a lease it something.

PEACE LOVE ORGANIC MOM is having a give away using rafflecopter. The prize is and stuff lion,  from alpaca fur.
There is 12 ways to entry. I did 8 of them. 
The GREEN HEART SHOP shop offers “fair trade” items.
I'm a chocolate lover and add some nuts. Oh this is right up my ally CHOCOLATE WITH HAZELNUT

Coffee is on


  1. I never heard about the Odd Fellows - thanks for expanding my knowledge. Now I'm off to search for books about them.

  2. I try to buy locally when I can. It isn't always easy, or cheap. I'm fortunate that I can support businesses in this way. I agree that no one should have to work full time and depend on SNAP or heating assistance. This is a big problem in my community, which has high unemployment and underemployment. Alana

  3. The whole cemetery walk was interesting. Here is a few of the syllables.
    Acorn= prosperity, fruitfullness
    Ant=Christian Industry
    Gate=Transit into different realm

  4. There a lot of people around my community have a low income and use program such as WIC, Snap, heating assistance, and local food bank.
    Wages are low here also. $12 an hour would consider a lucky wage. Lot of young people are leaving.

    I also have budget and lot of the fairtrade I can't afford it. But I do what I can.

  5. for some funny reason i've always lived close to cemeteries. i live about a block away now. when my kids were little i always took them in the stroller for walks in the cemetery.

    when i fill my bike tires with air i always head to the cemetery and start coasting down the curvy hills to see how far i go. the harder the tires, the further i roll.

  6. The tea company I work for is trying to get all flavors to be fair trade. I know first hand how difficult that can be but if they can make it work then I know it's not impossible! Interesting symbols too, thanks for sharing this :)


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