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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Union We Need Them

Ronnie Reagan start the down fall of the MIDDLE CLASS with the breaking of the AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLER Ronnie Reagan came president as I was leaving high school and that would have been my FIRST ELECTION to vote for a president.
I don't see why we have only two party system. I look at election who is worst of the two evil.

Years out in work force. Statement time...I find most employers are “ASSES” I could tell you tells about people I work for. Not very many of them I find have ethics
If I had a crystal ball and known what work life would have been like...Here is what I would of done. Got some type of training went to work for less then 10 years and got my self hurt. Claim disability. Actual drawing SSD isn't all that bad. If your getting top notch pay. Heck I know one can get $2,800 plus most of the medical (medicare) paid for, 80% of it. Those on SSD can work season/part time.
Better then I'm doing. If I work a 40 hour week doing home care I would make about $1920 a month. There no medical insurance with that.

I've never belong to a UNION and now I can see what they can do. Usual the medicaid nurse who does valuate a client needs are usual fair.
But there are times which should be rare. That one goes over time. Most of the time it happens at a medical appointment.
Three things I would ask union for doing home care other then a livable wage.

  1. Is to be paid for over time do to a medical appointment
  2. To get performance and or profit bonus quarterly
  3. Travel cost....There are people who needs less the 8 hours a week help. That lives so far out in dingle weeds.....
    That it doesn't even cover your fuel to go out.
    Idaho is getting big on 1099 forms. Which is used for contract or free lance workers. But they are employees who claims ones as contract worker but never ask the employee what there willing to do the job for. Lot of them are less then $10.00 an hour. So in short of it. One pays both end of social security
. Think about it. At a federal minimum wage of $7.25 you would pay in $1.10 (15.3%) and that would be $6.15 and hour.
Opinion time....Contract worker should be paid $15 or more.
Paying people with a 1099 form is pretty low on the totem pole.

The days of my grandparents and parents union are gone. Since everything we do is globe. I feel unions can still play part in work force. Unions can take part in collective bargain in profit sharing, performance bonus, those who are on call, and other benefits.

If someone goes to work they should be hold there head high and be paid enough that they don't need to use a quest card (food stamp- snap program) and live a middle class life style.

Question time...What is a livable wage in your area?

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  1. I feel like I come from the land of the unions - Michigan - and I've always believed them to be a good thing. It wasn't until I moved west that I was met with such anti-union protests and I think there are a lot of misconceptions about unions. Growing up with them I saw the good, I still see the good and I will never understand why so many people oppose them. - Great post! Yay! I made it to your blog! :D

  2. The living wage where I live in upstate New York is less than a lot of hard working people make, especially with our high gas prices here. A know a number of people who would not survive without heating assistance (HEAP)and the hoops they make you go through - you can't even apply until November 15 and you're needing heat way before that. Alana

  3. Hey, there. Unions aren't a big deal in Nebraska, for some reason. Our economy is quite healthy and entrepreneurship is really a big deal here. I think most of the people I know are too independent to sign onto a Union.

  4. MM..Unions around here isn't well receive in North Idaho either. I can recall having union companies in North Idaho...Logging crews and mills had unions at one time.

    Alana...Our heating program start usual the first part of November. My monthly utilities runs about $200 a month..that includes electric, phone, internet, water, gas, and wood.

    Amy...My Mom came from Scottsbluff and my father in law came from Kearny. I know if wages were better I believe more people would put in the economy. A friend of mine owns a fabric store and only 25% of her business comes from the local area. The rest comes from Canada. Actual my $12 and hour is a decent wage for this area. Most people makes 8 to 10 an hour.

  5. I don't understand either why you only have two parties, I think you must be the only once in the world besides the communist who only have one ! We have at least 9 or 10 in Belgium, don't even know ! We also have unions and therefore often strikes ! But that's also good.

  6. I have no idea about any wage earnings for some time...I'm retired....living on a fixed income. But as far as unions go....I think in the long run, unions have ruined our economy. Yes, they're a must for workers, but the wage ---think about it. Once a wage is increased, so is the cost of living expense. It's a domino effect that isn't helping the economy. You make $50 a day, and get a raise....to $60 a day ---the price of groceries WAS $25...and in a blink of an eye your COLA has no effect on bettering the wage 'cause the cost of groceries go up. etc. etc.

  7. Gattina...I usual vote for a third party which usual get under 10%

    Anni...with wages so low it doesn't help the economy.
    I know the unions can't be so heavy hand on hourly wages since we're in a globle economy but union can get profit share and production bonus. Plus keep the work place safe.

  8. There is good and bad to say about unions, some of them get too greedy and that drives up the cost of the things we buy.

    When I quit working as a handyman I was charging 20 bucks an hour under the table, cash. Plenty of rich people here willing to pay that for a good handyman.

    I could go back to work tomorrow if I wanted to, but I don't want to.

  9. Bill...Very few people makes $20 here. Even construction workers here is lucky if they make $12 an hour.

  10. A friend of mine construction worker here makes $32.50 an hour, plus other benefits cuz he is union.

  11. What that means is that it costs more to pave our streets.

  12. Meanwhile I'm self employed at about $2 an hour.

  13. Lots of unions in my country and glad there are no strikes.


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