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Monday, September 08, 2014

Nothing In Return Just A Feeling of Helpfulness

In memory of our past member Glenda. Each member of T.O.P.S was to do something nice and give hand up to someone.
Like PAY IT FORWARD There are times I've taken my clients or picked up items at our local COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER Which is also our local food bank.
Usual I see lot of carbohydrates sitting out in what is called “salvage” area. A Family can come in once week and pick up odds and ends.
During garden season there more fruits and veggies. What you don't see is non food items, such as toilet paper, razor, tampons, band-aids, soap, and etc.
Food Stamps (SNAP) covers food items but when it comes to non food item. Lot of people I see at times struggle to get basic monthly supplies to maintain there home.
Herschel and Carrie income is about $760 a month. Rent for them is $400 and utilities run them about $200. Plus I know he has to purchases his own medicine. I know he uses the $5 a month bottle plan. I'm guess it cost $20 a month.
So it look like they have $140 a month left. I'm guessing they get a little over $300 a month in food stamps. I can see them stopping in at local food bank.

Here is what I did. I stop in at DOLLAR TREE in Sandpoint. After Carrie had a doctor appointment. We stop in at Dollar Store.
So I got some dish rags, matching dish towels and dish soap. Spend a little over $15. One thing I notice rarely these people every get anything new.
My thought a little dish cloth and towel to match. Plus one can't get dish soap on quest cards.
Last time my friend Qunella and I had coffee at Under The Sun. We went up stair in loft and separate out and place in plastic bag one dish towel, cloth, and dish soap. We did up six bags. So later on I drop off the bags for dish cleaning., at our local FOOD BANK Everything that comes in and goes out of our local food bank needs to be weighed. Not sure what happen. But I figure someone got it and could put it to good use.

We should help and try to make people life a little better. Doesn't matter who they or what they are. All of us can give hand up. For every what size it my be.

Coffee is on

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  1. That was a great idea. I think I will do the same. Thank you for the inspiration!


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