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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Not To Wonder

My day wasn't nothing overly exciting. Never is. Right now there three horse running loose. I live in area of open range.
Don't these people wonder about their horses grazing loose. For while the neighbor were dealing with the Reeds horse damage people yards.
I know exactly what we're doing with the Reeds horses if they get loose. Don't worry we're not going to hurt the horses. I'm an animal lover .
Went and visit Faith she moving to an Senior Apartment closer to her son Larry. She ok mental but her body is given out. I thought she should of hired someone to come in and help her around the place. But only thing anyone can do is suggested. It best to stay out of others affairs.

I'm planning to go and see her the first part of October.
When I go for my walks usual Murphy doesn't go with me. I measure my distance by using the power line poles. Each week I increase it by one. I'm up to the 12th power pole. The home in this picture was closer. It the Peterson place and they move it up the road. In front of my Aunt Eve place. Actual a big wind storm came though and did quite a bit of damage. But it seem they are coming right a long.

Went to my T.O.P.S meeting well I held my weight. Which is fine. Today meeting we had to share our “Pay it Forward” I explain that bought some dish soap, dish towel and rags. Gave then to our local food bank. I would say a large majority of these people have trouble getting some basic hygiene stuff for both body and home.
One of our member is going to purchase some soap and deodorant donate to them.
If your wonder what my PAY IT FORWARD project was.

Coffee is on


  1. I hope everything is well. Thank you for the share.

  2. I hope everything is well. Thank you for the share.

  3. Such a nice thing to do, to go for a walk! I'm glad that you enjoy daily walks, too!

  4. I went fell walking today, it was really lovely!

  5. i hope those nasty horses aren't relieving themselves in your garden.

  6. I should leave a comment.. :-)


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