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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No This Isn't a Dairy Entry

I thought it was about dew time I post something. I bet those you stop by got tired of me bitching about "religion"
But not much has really exciting been happening. Maybe I should start my post....Dear Pixie but who in the hell is Pixie.
Google can fine you about anything. I found a letter our 2nd president John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail
So I took a little bit of time and google "Dairy of 1960" and this what I FOUND and lot more...
For this evening I'll start it with

Dear Pixie...A fog laid a cross the field. Couldn't see my Aunt Eve place. Have I every told you I can't stand her. The only reason it keeps me from being nasty and in her face, is she family.
So for breakfast Hubby and I had pancakes. I had one.
Well before I headed to work I stop and drop off some dresses my sister in law Faith let me tried on. I found two possible that I will wear to Bart our son wedding. Last Saturday in Sept he getting married over in Noxon.
Had a nice visit with my sister in law and her daughter Quincy. Then it was off to work. Today I went to Carrie and it always easy. I clear off the front porch she was hoping to have a yard sale this summer. Don't look like it going to happen, time running out colder weather is on it's way.
Then after work I stop and visit with my friend LaWalla. Her and I went over to her mom place as LaWalla had to take care of some of her mom.
All in all day went pretty good. I love those day when there no excitement.

Coffee is on


  1. Bart is getting married this Saturday. Love to see you in your new dress.

  2. Yeah, sometimes life is like that... nothing happens (and that can be a good thing, too!).

  3. Noxon.... Nice quite little place, isn't that the place you go over a one lane bridge to get to?

    The rain here is slowing down my camper building project, not too happy about that.

  4. East Coast...Sure I'll post a picture of Hubby and I when we get back.

    Knusperhus...I had enough excitement in my life when I was young. To old for it now

    Bill I don't recall one lane bridge. But actual the place my son is getting married is place called Big Horn Lodge on south end of Bull Lake Highway...http://www.bighornlodgemontana.com/

  5. Good luck bright blessings let me know when you get back I will give you a tarot wedding present.


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