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Monday, September 29, 2014

No More Dowries

My youngest is married. Bart married his love Molly in Noxon Montana. At the BIG HORN LODGE
There were about eighty people who attended the wedding.
Sure do a lot neat things for weddings now. Instead of a quest book. Everyone sign a Jennga block.
Sawyer Bart brother and her brother Sawyer was witness to there marriage.
I've always believe people should choice there path of faith. For what every that may be or not be. Bart attended the ASSEMBLY OF GOD in Sandpoint.
Having a partner to share your life I get. Personally I like married life. To share my life and we keep each other balance.
But the part of “wife summit to your husband as Christ summit to the church” This to me seem like giving permission for the husband to control his wife.
I wonder why the minster picked that line for the marriage.
Both Parents, her and Barts had fill out a questionnaire. I wonder if something was said on that paper made the pastor I choose that verse.
I felt sad that my other daughter in law Betty couldn't make it. She worked for HORIZON AIR as a flight attended and was on call.
When I tell people my son are married. A good percentage of people ask me if I like my “daughter in law”. I tell them “yes” and they usual have a look of shock on there face.
Both of my son married very lovely young woman.
I told both of son. I won't be involved in there marriage. Having a parent either side involved is good way of destroying your children marriage.
Most things in life you need to find the best solution to your own troubles.

I been working a little bit mostly in the evening on ceramics. I decided to do the music note in “Ultra Blue”. I pulled back 25 ornaments to use this up coming holidays.
Not sure what colors I'll be using to finish up the “Jack In Box” ornament
Also I been working on set of four reindeer and sleigh. I didn't glaze the inside of the sled but one could put in wrap candies or dry arrangement
  My Son Sawyer and his wife got a Esty page called BANDANA BOOTIQUE and there dog Boo is there top model.

Coffee is on


  1. That is an outdated promise for a bride to make to her husband. I totally agree with you. Both partners should be equal. I guess it was the rules of the church. I wish them a happy life.

  2. I am not sure if I want to get married. I hope that their marriage is very happy! :)

  3. Congrats to the young couple!

  4. If I recall my Bible lesson...Jesus went in to the temple (Jewish Place of worship) had fit and toss out the money exchanges.
    Then they hung him on the cross.
    Look what happen if up set the apple cart in the place of worship.

    Coffee is on

  5. You can't believe much of what you read in a bible about what jesus said, it is all hearsay, he left no written words, he couldn't write.

    Now the kids can get busy making babies and continue over populating the planet.

  6. I haven't heard a marriage ceremony like that, since I was in grade school. Now I'm wondering why that theme was picked.

    Now for Grandkids...Neither of them seem to be in big hurry to start a family.
    I don't want to be a parent again. So when my off spring decide to start a family. I'll be glad to be a "Grandma" and have all the rights to job


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