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Friday, September 19, 2014

Narrow Mind people Gathering

Question time....I thought the teaching of Jesus or the four gospel is how we should treat each other...am I wrong.
Wednesday Carrie, Nona, which is Carrie P.S.R and I been going and have bite to eat at the local soup kitchen.
I must missed something in life. I thought the basic teaching of Jesus was how to treat others. More I see of Christianity more discussed I find it. I know Jesus taught about the POOR Jesus teaching of INTOLRENCE I just can't take “hook line and sinker” No need to listen to anther version “Their all wrong and Christianity has the market on heaven, take a look at our dollar...”In God We Trust”

The Grace Bible Fellowship church on south end of Bonners Ferry puts on a soup kitchen every Wednesday.
I'm guessing there about 30 people who attended. It a place to socialize with other. There were a couple in there, Enzo and his wife Bella. Not sure how long they been eating there. But one day he brought in book titled MASTER JESUS Enzo handed the book over to Carrie and I short stop it and took quick glance though it. Since I really can't see anything with out my reading glasses.
I hand back to Carrie and she put it away.
I could see the church members in kitchen wasn't comfortable at all. I know there not comfortable about A COURSE IN MIRACLES So now Enzo and Bella not allowed at the soup kitchen for bring in the book “Master Jesus”

What bunch narrow minded bigotry. Such crap

Coffee is on


  1. You don't really know what jesus taught and said, he was illiterate and never left any words of his own. Everything is made up stories.

  2. It disgusted me how someone goes to church and treat others like shit. Then they show up Sunday and so call ask for forgiveness and still treat people like crap....I just can't get into religion. To me it a cheap

  3. I figure that if god is so fucking all powerful that he doesn't need our money to help others. If he/she/it does, he/she/it is just another fucking government. Or a con job.

  4. I've always said that action speaks louder than words. I cannot tolerate hypocrites who recite bible versus on a Sunday, and then on Monday go back to being mean and judgmental.

  5. Ages ago I went to one of there church service...They sure played the fear card...anyhow never went back.

  6. I say a good percentage are "Con" job

  7. It is amazing, some of the things I see posted on Facebook by some people who claim they are deeply religious. I lost much of my faith in humanity a long time ago. There are true Christians out there. Too bad none of them were at that soup kitchen, apparently. Alana

  8. I know there kind and caring people out in world.

  9. In this generation, there's a lot of fraud church. This is so sad

  10. Personally, I don't comment on religion and politics. So, I'll stay away from leaving any words to this post.

    Each have their own opinions.

  11. It's a long time that I found out that church,and so said religion has nothing to do with real faith ! It's just a big business as everything. I prefer to have my one believes !


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