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Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Curse-Working)

As long as mid summer insect (Araneae) doesn't move in. They won't be any need for a curse.

Lot of time in North Idaho winter driving you deal with snow and ice. Summer time you deal with road construction. They been working on the south hill over pass and Kootenai river bridge mostly all summer. Here are some men working under the by-pass bridge and I want to stay a safe distant

Next weekend photo hunt will be ENGAGED and or UMBRELLA   

I like to put up some video every so often. Not sure how the sound works on my camera. So I thought I would walk around to the shutter, that hubby and I been working.

Coffee is on


  1. Last year I was really into taking spider pictures. Looking forward to seeing the next set of pictures.

  2. Oh my gosh, I've never see an orange spider like that before!!

  3. For some reason, that spider looks like it'd be softer to the touch than many other spiders I've seen. Wonder if it's full grown...

  4. So tiny and cute, but I wont get my hands on it lol. It might bite?

  5. Peppermint is a natural spider ward. Spray your house down woth it.

    Claw-writings dragon hand wrote

  6. The spider is poisonous! They have fangs that inject venom. scary

  7. Good work ! the shutters look very nice !

  8. as long as spiders keep eating mosquitoes and black flies, they're my friends.

  9. Good shot of the spider, but I'd be stepping all over it here... lol

  10. I just got back from a trip to Oregon, road construction or not traffic was congested everywhere.

    It sucked....

  11. I hear you on the road construction. 3rd Street here had been ripped up all summer long. I'm beginning to wonder if they'll have it done before it gets too cold for the asphalt to set right.


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