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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Old Hunting Lodge Sure Has Class

We took a drive over by NOXON which it been a while since I been down the bull lake road. Bart invited us over. Diane family was over there.
They was staying at the BIG HORN LODGE Which at one time was an hunting lodge. Now a simple but elegant lodge set up as a bed and breakfast.
One thing I liked about the place is. That you have use of the kitchen. Which would be handy for those who are on special diets and not even sure how far is close place to eat.

I seen the Ross Cedar before and the lodge is just south of that. We did a little hiking and visited the ST PAUL LAKE area. There an old ranger station build shortly after the 20th century. One can rent the station and some lady from Oregon was staying there.
The old home becomes very hot. I guess modern insulation is a handy way of maintain homes climates.

We did a little hiking in area.  

Beautiful place and the host and hostess are lovey people and made you felt quite welcome. They had a coffee for me, when I arrived.

Coffee is on


  1. let's see - coffee, a cabin.....sounds like a great thing... :D

  2. Coffee, fresh air and relaxation - just what the doctor ordered

  3. Looks as if Big Horn Lodge restored your sanity. It's great to unwind. By the name, I guess it's in America.

  4. Fresh air and beautiful views.... that's so lovely!

  5. This looks like a perfect haven!

  6. I can just imagine myself being there, alone, curled up with a good book.

  7. This looks beautiful. Love the photos!

  8. Oh I'm so ready to book a room!! How beautiful that place is!

  9. Been there, it is out of the way for sure.


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