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Monday, July 07, 2014

Oh There So Much Beauty Here.

Green Bay not the football team called the Packards. Murphy and I spend Sunday the 6th of July on the rocky beach.
No sand. We wish we brought some chairs. Rocks we saw were flat. One lady was collecting them for the fire place they were building.
Great for skipping rocks across LAKE PEND OREILLE
Which I'm out of practice.

This beach is part of National forest. A well kept place for tent campers. No place for RV type of campers.
One thing you might want to bring is a few roll of toilet paper the day we were there, out house had no toilet paper.

Across the water way is little town of HOPE and the Green Monarch Mountains. Which was carve by MISSOULA FLOOD

People at beach and not overly crowd had to take a short hike in. Some one told us about a nice cedar grove in area. A lot of smaller lakes in area.
Found two other place hike GOLD HILL and COMMUNITY TRAIL Notice a sign before you turn down to GREEN BAY and MINERAL RIDGE 

Yes, the water was cold but it felt good on a hot summer day.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, it looks like a lovely place to be!

  2. You just need a boat...

  3. Stunning& I agree you need a canoe!

  4. Looks very beautiful !

  5. Lovely views and a beautiful place to visit.

  6. The lake is pretty and cold. Lake is from a glacier.

    Maybe I need a boat so I can go water skiing.

  7. No, at your age you need a boat for fishing and just generally messing around on the lake. I'll sell you mine and even deliver it, maybe even let you make some payments.

  8. Lovely scenery. My son, when he was younger, used to love skipping rocks across lakes. I wonder if he ever does that any more. Ramblinwitham.


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