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Monday, July 14, 2014

None There Are Pure Irish

We had a family reunion down on the pond. My Aunt Eve place. I believe this was the McCalmont place in Ireland.
But the ones I know spell it McCalmant. Not sure how many was there. But I would guess 50 or so. Last year we had over a 100 that attend it.
The oldest was 87 and youngest was 2 or 3.
A few drove over from the west coast.
Plenty of food, stories, and just plain bull flung all over the place. But all in all.

All of with the surname of McCalmant have our own personality. Good or Bad not even going to say.
I think it would be interesting to do 20 or so different group picture at a reunion and see how each group compare. Such as...
By the decades...under 10, 11 though 19, in their 20's, 30's and so forth.
One who learn to play an music instrument
Those who consider them self liberal, and one for the conservative.
Those who married in family
Do some group by income.
Those who consider them centric and non.
Even a picture of those who know how to tap dance.
And so forth.

To me it would be interesting in seeing how each of the groups would play out. I know there would be family members who wouldn't take part.
Our family like any other family has dirt swept under the carpet.
Some people believe to keep there head buried in the Sand. Live a lie by lying


Not sure how DENNIS MCCALMONT is related

Enjoy....Coffee is ON  


  1. did you drink irish coffee?

  2. No...I had some Mikes hard lemon aide.


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