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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Middle Of Some Were In Life.

Middle age is one of the odd place in life...You don't have any desire to go back in life and make the same stupid mistake. Then on the other hand you know what head in life....Becoming real old.
Saturday Hubby and I attend my 36th class reunion. Some how the 35th was over looked. We're all middle age now.
I would guess none of us would want to go back to our younger days. A lease I don't . The only thing I would like to take some inches off my middle and boobs, mostly the boobs.
I went to my 10 and 20 year reunion. This reunion I enjoyed more then the last 2. We're a lot more humble and being self center sure took a back seat or even stuck some place under a mat.
I guess none of should get rid of being some what self center. I guess 10% would be a good round number of being self center.
Any thing less. People who shit all of you.

Now Faith who I been drive and taking marketing. Is sure going down hill. I went to work on Wednesday and she seem confuse of what day it was. Find out she got her self dehydrated.
Well she is sharp as a tack. Not long before she even talk that she couldn't remind in her home.
She always live in present time and reality.
But she has a stubborn streak. Not saying I don't. I tried to talk her in having someone come in your home just twice a month. Not even necessary even me. But I believe she would have been a lot better off if she took these step.
But only you can suggest and leave it and move on.

Confession time... Getting old doesn't bother me. The way I do it or how I end up. I need my mind and someone wiping my rear end. Bothers me.
Those are the two things I rather not have to deal with.
I haven't had any client who enjoy having the rear wipe. But I have heard of other friends who is in the same line of work. They had client who enjoy having a servant and having someone wipe there butt.
One lady let everyone in a restaurant that she had someone to wipe her ass. I guess some people will do about anything for a power trip
Being stubborn and independent kept Faith in her home, until 91 year old.
Not sure what is going to go on. Her family is letting her make the decision. Which she is quite capable.
I guess if I get that old I will make good sound decision on how my care will be when I'm up in my golden years.
I guess when we're ready to leave this life. I'm like most who just go peaceful in there sleep.

I've been told it not wise to burn the candle at both end of life. Or light one end and then blow it out, quickly light the other end can have it troubles. In simple terms being “Wish Washy”
Standing on side line never get you any place in life. Standing in middle can get you hacked from both side.
It look like it best to just plug a long in life. Do the best you can and live by the golden rule.

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  1. The only thing I miss about being younger is that glorious 20 something skin and hair.. I think if you can keep your mind on track and continue to learn and expand your knowledge that goes a long way in staying healthy, oh, and moving your body, that's a must. - I'm so happy to be back in the blogging world.. I'm catching up! :) Happy Monday Dora!

  2. That's a tough looking bunch you run with Dora!

    I missed my 35th 2 years ago. I fact I missed all of them.

    I might have gone but I've burned the candle at both ends and there's nothing left.

    I wouldn't have much use for most of the money grubbing swindlers anyways.

  3. I have no respect for the wishy-washy who are afraid to dive into life. There is no point in living if you aren't willing to live.

  4. I was never a one for school reunions. Everyone seems to have moved on and we are all in different places. It sounds like yours was fun :-)

  5. i burned my candle at both ends but got lucky and found a new candle in the park when i was looking for empty beer cans.

    found 22 cans yesterday, an easy $2.20.

  6. Harry thanks for stopping in. Can't get to your blog.
    Always enjoy your comment over at Billy P

  7. Dora, Harry hasn't got a blog, just some profiles.

    Na, at middle age I was still steaming along like a freight train, but at 71 some things are now starting to catch up with me. Still in better shape than many my age though.

    Finding I need to drink less and stop smoking, it is a bitch to stop smoking.


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