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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It What It Is

This morning I had to go to my TOPS meeting. I was hoping for just a maintain. My weigh in for July 15 I gain a ¼ of pound. The weekend before that we had a family reunion.
So today weigh in I lost a little over 2 pounds. Now under 210. Considering we had our 36th class reunion.
I don't see my self getting down to size 12-14 before my youngest son Bart wedding in September. But one or two size down would be nice.

I'm up to almost the bend on the county road. Just past the old Nelson place. Zella lives there now.

This morning Quenella and I met at Under the Sun for our coffee. Chit Chad a bit about every day life stuff.
She wrote something in the kindred spirit journal place there. It seem it coming along. People been writing a fair amount in it.

As I was driving home and I thought I was going to help Murphy with washing the shed down. But he flag me as I was almost to top of Peterson hill.
So I turn around and met him at bottom. He told me that Carrie had an Appointment with the pain doctor in Sandpoint.
Crap they could done what they did, over phone. I guess they want to charge medicaid and medicare. For an office call. Carrie gets both. Medicare picks up a certain amount. Instead of her paying the 20% which Medicare doesn't cover. Medicaid covers the medicare part.
They told her she need to come in on Thursday for shot. Crap, it would be a lot easier and cheaper for the tax payer if they just called her on phone.
She in quite a bit of pain and they increase her dosage of her OXYCODONE from 20mg to 30 mg. Well you need a hard copy to pick those up at the pharmacy.

On the way back home I swung by her childhood home. She lived near what is now COMMON KNOWLEDGE back then it was a little mom and pop store.
Then after I want to see if anything was happening with the Kindred Spirit Journal I place at Monarch Coffee in Sandpoint.
I didn't see it out side and went inside to see if it was there, no luck. I have no ideal were it end it up at.
Can't worry about it.

Coffee is on


  1. Yup, can't worry about it, shit happens.

  2. You must be looking forward to your son's wedding. A new addition to your family.

  3. Can't sweat the petty stuff... (also don't pet the sweaty stuff)
    <3 Lady Dragon


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