Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt. (room-selfie)

There plenty of room to build housing around here. I don't see any house be built around here. No real wage jobs. So for now the deer have plenty of grazing room

The selfie was fairly hard to do. My first thought was to take picture of my self painting ceramic. Place the camera on table and take a picture.
Well I look like one crazy person and I'm afraid that someone from the funny farm would come and take me way. Just because of my selfie
So I laid on lawn turn the camera up side down and took this picture.
I'll let you judge the expression on my face.

PORTRAIT and or SKIES will be next weekend photo hunt theme

Coffee is on


  1. So nice when there are places left untouched by building :) I like that there is still room for nature. And hi there, love your selfie :)

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  3. I'd rather have deer for neighbors anyway...

  4. excellent photo, plenty of character.

    humans can make terrible neighbors, our old house had lots of them.

  5. Your neck of the woods looks lovely but yes, some economic development would be good too. I just wish economic development could be more environmentally friendly.

    Re your selfie: I think this Photo Hunt marks the first time I've seen a photo of you! :)

  6. Hahaha, that's a nice selfie !! Very creative too ! I have to turn my computer around to see you "normal" !

  7. Great selfie!
    I have loved this week's theme... Seeing folks for the first time!

  8. Great selfie!
    I have loved this week's theme... Seeing folks for the first time!


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