Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Dusk-Round)

To be honest I knew dusk had some thing to do with sunset. So helpful google got me all straighten out about DUSK The horizon is hard to tell because of the mountain. Right now we just short of 15 hours of sunlight. I wait until what I thought was dusk and took picture of cottonwood which is kitty wampus from southwest corner of our place and cross the road.
Resent our community put in new play ground equipment. Actual it pretty snazzy. Not sure what this round thing is called.
I know it swivels. I tried although I didn't sit in it
But I understand little Earl likes it. I guess it pretty easy to make a one and half year old happy.

ROOM and or SELFIE will be next weekend theme

Coffee is on


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Difficult to say for what that round thing is good, maybe as a seat ?

  3. I love dusk! and that's a pretty intriguing round thing :)


  4. That round thing is different. I don't recall seeing any in the playgrounds around here.

    You did great with the dusk shot :)

    Coffee woot! :)

  5. Yes, these safe devices that stimulate the imagination of children! Funny!

  6. I Googled "dusk" to check its meaning and definition too! Often Google many of the Photo Hunt themes, and find extra meanings of the words... :)


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