Sunday, June 29, 2014

Timber Harvest.

Murphy and I have not quite five acres of timber. For some time we want to harvest our trees and sell the logs
A good percentage of our trees were mature and log price are up. But with only five acres, time one paid for transport of equipment to site it would eat up some of the profit.
So we wait until someone else next to ours was going to log.
The county said the trees to the west of us was invading the air space for air crafts. So the cost was split 3 ways to bring in the logging equipment.
We took out quite a bit. But we didn't strip everything out. Murphy and I could get one more good harvest in 25 years.
If we had to we could take off a smaller harvest.
I know there people out there is total against logging. Actual I'm an environmentalist. I believe in good stewardship is part of our duty for living on this earth.
Below I'll share the picture of our place after the logging job.

Murphy Uncle Marv property on the right side of the road
Murphy Uncle Marv had a small part of his property log a while back.


  1. I'm not sure I'd take out any of the trees...they're beautiful.

  2. nothing wrong with logging as long as you don't clear cut. trees are a renewable resource.

  3. Anni...The trees we took out mostly were mature, dead or disease. Left quite a few on North side of habitat for birds of prey. Also left a good portion for seed trees.

    Billy. Yes, trees are renewable resource. We had the place logged as we knowing at later date. We could do it again.

  4. You do what you gotta do. You replant and all is good! :)

  5. Raven..I try to do what is right by Mother Nature.


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