Monday, June 09, 2014

Oh My What A State

Idaho got some goofy Ideals. I bet other place also have goofy ideal. Since I live in Idaho and it my blog. I can post what ever.
A big thing in Idaho election was the ideal of taking over the FEDERAL LANDS by the state. Northern Candidate who ran on taking over the federal land by the state, was sure of a win.
The strange thing the state claims they could handle it better then the federal. Statement time...I don't see were the state hands there land any better then the federal does.
Actual I seen private land handle not always so good either.
Can't these idiots understand it not going to happen. They already talk to the attorney general. Using some of my tax payer money of $41,000 to hire an private attorney.
Every day well almost every day. I get answer in life I don't like. I rather be told the truth. When one lies when real can't take care of any trouble.
There been forest fires start on state land and state couldn't afford to fight them. Let them burn over to federal land and let the federal pick up the tab.
Question time...If the state actual takes over the federal land how are they going to afford any up keep?
Actual there quite a few people think privatizing everything would be the answer. Until every human was kind and trustworthy.
Sad to say a lot of people still worship the money god. They'll do anything to make a few pennies jingle in there pocket.
There people will exploit people and land. Strip every decent soul of man or land to get a head. Leave nothing un-turn finding that last piece of jingle in there pocket.

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  1. $41,000 to hire an private attorney, hell, over here these idiots would spend $141,000 on that.

  2. They already talk to the attorney general and didn't like the answer. Well in life you don't all ways get your way.


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