Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Two Step No A Three Step

I thought I was waltzing right along in life. Some day I go though my day with to many left or rights. But a few days back I stub my toe of life a bit.
I don't know why hubby thinks there wife our just idiots. My car is having trouble accelerating. When I first start up and want to accelerate my car acts like it constipated. But once it get going it does fine. No jerking feeling at all.
Goes up the steep grades of hills just fine.
Recently we had the transmission looked over and nothing. So I took it in an electrical shop and they couldn't fine anything. Reset my computer sensor. Charged me $70.00 and everything seem to be ok for 3 weeks.
Now the car is acting like it constipated once again.
So I thought it could be a dirty air filter, some trouble in fuel line, and or the catalytic convertor is plugged.
Question time..What do you think it is?

Shock as hell. This morning my hubby decided to drive my 96 Accra. He starting to come around to my thinking. Not the transmission. But he thinking it might be something to do with the fuel or the catalytic convector.

Murphy and I start to take off more siding on south side of home. The other day we went up to Badger Building supplies. Guess what they had close enough match to our old siding.
Taking it down wasn't all that tough.

Had worries me is putting it around the gas line that goes into the house.
I 'm disappointed on how my little CANDLE FIGURINE  in came out. Actual on back side I missed a good part of it. Plus I was mixing colors and is total clueless which two colors I mixed.
So the piece got tossed in trash can.
For some reason I real like these ceramic thimble. I either have a dozen or sixteen of these. All different. I could see them as ornament hanging on tree for yule.
I just sealed it and waiting for it to dry. So I can do put some high light in it and reseal it, done.

Coffee is on


  1. bbc will know what the problem is with your car.

  2. You didn't say what engine the 96 Accra has in it but it may be the throttle position sensor or the idle control motor. They are both on what used to be the carburetor.

    I'd start by taking off the idle control motor and cleaning the valve it controls because they get gummed up and makes the engine stumble when you take off. If that doesn't work, replace the motor.

  3. a 3.2
    The heads and a major going over the engine was just done.


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