Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Sport-Street)

I don't know if playing chess a sport or not. I start this ceramic chess set when my sons were little. Never had a chance to finish it up. I'll have to fire the old paint off in my kiln. Simple because I don't recall the colors I used.
Missing one pawn piece to Indian side of the set. Never got the cowboy side to the set.

Personal I don't care if you don't think chasing a ball is a sport or not. But Daisy thinks it is the greatest sport of all time.


On Wednesday I like to take a walk a different place each time. Lately I been walking on the streets on the south-hilll of Bommers Ferry.
Last Wednesday I took a short walk on EL Paso street. Murphy Grandma Elizabeth lived on this street.
Not sure what this street is called but walking has a lot of good benefits.

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be ABSTRACT and or WATER

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  1. I think chess is a brain sport, a pity that you didn't finish, it looks so nice. Daisy does certainly sport !!

  2. those look like beautiful streets to walk down.

  3. Gattina...One reason I got them out so next time I fire up the kiln. I'll fire the paint off and I can start to paint them again.
    Children takes a lot of time, energy, and money.

    Billy P. Bonners Ferry is a nice little town.

  4. I like to think of chess as a mental or mind sport :)

  5. Hi Dora, the chess pieces look amazing. I agree with Daisy chasing a ball around is a sport and a really good workout.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend.

  6. Chess is really a war game, I've never been interested in it.

    Based on what I saw when I was there last summer Bonners Ferry is too damn expensive.

    And you really should learn how to properly spell the name of the place being as you are there so much, it isn't Bommers Ferry, it is Bonners Ferry.

  7. As for chess I know how to set up and how to move the piece. Usual I get beat

  8. I have my oldest son dog here. For the weekend. he at the mud bog in Moyie Spring.

  9. Oh Boo also like chasing ball

  10. Also Bonners Ferry is called Bummers Ferry.
    Yea economic here isn't the greatest. If we had to make mortgage payment. Our life would be complete different.

  11. Neither one of my son stay in Bonners Ferry. My oldest son is moving to Medford Oregon.
    My youngest one not sure were he will end up being after his schooling done. He want to stay in the Northwest...I place the odds dam high either one of my son will settle back In Bonners Ferry

  12. I'll go with chess being a sport, ditto chasing after a ball (you do that a lot in soccer ;b).

    Re your Wednesdays: sounds good. It's interesting to walk around parts of one's town/city that one doesn't normally do. I like how walking allows one to see things much more than if one were to just drive or ride by.

  13. Walking is the best exercise you can involve yourself in. Lovely dog--they're so precious.

  14. Maybe you should call it Bummers Ferry.

  15. I have no idea how to play chess! Oops!


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