Friday, May 09, 2014

One Thousand Ninety Five Days.

Not sure or is anyone sure of the future. In a blog post called LET NOT SALE USE PANTIES I moan and groan about work and about in home care.
At this time the client treat me good. Just take my word for it there some real assholes out there.
But the future with my present day clients is sort of shaky. So I been strongly thinking and weigh out the possible of reopen a ceramic shop in the basement.

I figure my income would be about the same having a ceramic shop and what I'm doing in home care.
For about a two week pay period. I put in 16 hours and earn a little more then $205.
Working the same amount of hours.

If your wondering why I don't put in more time. Medicaid assign hours to the in home care clients. It real simple you don't get paid for the unsign hours. Next time in home client gets a review they could get a decrease in hours. Statement time... lot of them should be cut back. Next time in home care client gets there review they could get a decrease in hours. Then except you to put in the extra time with out pay.
It doesn't pay to be nice doing in home care.

I know I won't make a killing. But if it in my basement there would be no rent cost for building. I have all the equipment to run a ceramic shop. Sure they would be some cost. I figure about $500 to set up the basic shop. I still have quite a bit of shelving material that could be used. One thing is a must is two venting system one is for sealer spray and the other one is for when clay is being mix in the pour tank.

The studio area would be in the basement. The measurement would be 15 by 24. That is with out the shelving in.
The place I'm standing were the green ware shelf would be.

Standing by one of the entrance. Which all of this pile would have to go..bye bye. Against this corner would also continue a little bit, for greenware and bisque. About were the metal shelf would be the turn in the green ware and bisque shelf.

  Taken from the other entrance. In that corner I would put in my spray cabinet with a vent. Plus a cubicle which people could rent and put there project in. And a firing shelf.
Were my desk and lap tap is now that would be for wood and supplies. Paint, decals, cleaning tool and etc,
This picture was taken were the first chair about six feet from the stove. Looking toward the greenware and bisque shelf would go.

Lot to do. But in all honestly I don't see it happening this year or even next year. If something happen to my client I could pick up the pace.
Actual I have easy client. I can come home and do things around the place. Like clean my shelf out in the barn.

Recently I read in local co-op paper...Housing market is volatile ride in Boundary County (were I live) first quarter of 2014 medium price for a home. -34.8% ($100,750) In 2013 house went for $152,750.
Looks like only 20 units sold in 1st quarter of 2014. Last quarter of 2013 they sold 35 homes.

Like or did I say..My over head would be low having the shop in the basement. Renting a building and you can see our economy in this area is struggling.
They would be a slim to none that I could even cover my over head.

Coffee is on


  1. I have a fair size squirrel cage fan that would be ideal for your vent system I would give you if you wasn't a whole days drive away.

    Seems to me like making money in ceramics involves teaching others how to do them.

  2. i guess the big question is, can you easily sell all the stuff you make? nothing is more depressing than an inventory that just keep increasing in numbers but decreasing in value.

  3. Thanks Bill, I'll keep that ideal of a squirrel in mine.

    Billy p. Sure there would be finish pieces. But what also I'll be offering that people they could do there own ceramic pieces. Which I offered before.

  4. Great post, thank you for sharing:)

  5. Plans are so stimulating, aren't they? The reality is not so promising though.

  6. I love the sound of your plans!


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