Monday, May 26, 2014

All Most Stupid

Murphy and I put up a garden trellis. Actual surprise it went smoothly and we utilized the material we had. I'm not sure if I'm happy were it at. I would like to put a fourth of my veggie garden in berries of some type. Right now we have strawberries and red raspberries.
Since we put up the trellis it might be better to have the berries up in the front part of garden because of afternoon sun

But it would look unbalance because the place we put in the raspberries.

Fence post came off out property up on the bench. 

The braces or whips came also from our property on bench

Hanging wire on header which we all use more whips from the bench. We got wire though different resources
 Finish trellis quite happy with the results. I know I would like anther one but half the size. But the reason I'm calling my self slightly stupid I'm not sure if I would like a trilies place here or exactly where.
The "royal sunshine flower bed" is blooming. I got plenty of "Star of Bethlehem" and some time in pass I planted them out in this flower bed. which shouldn't.
So today I dug up some of the bulbs and transplanted my zinnia. I could use some later blooms.

Yesterday Murphy and I planted out all of my Alium. which includes 33 Copra Onions, 87 Ciplionia Onions, 55 Spanish Onions, 18 Ambition Shallots, and 16 Lancelot leeks.
Put in about a 21 foot roll of Redbor Kale and 21 foot of Danvers Carrots half length.
Out in the mail box was my favor fall bulb catalog from JOHN SCHEEPERS
I know of two bulbs I would like order later this summer. I could under a ton but we don't have a ton of money.
I'll talk to my friend Quenella and see if she would like to split an order with me.   


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I love the trellis you made! So rustic, and cool. Your flowers look gorgeous too. Neat idea for a blog post.

  2. The Trellis you made is beautiful! I wish I had a garden, or even a small yard to make things like this! :)

  3. Lovely trellis. Can imagine the plants climbing all over it.

  4. It looks nice and stout.


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