Thursday, April 24, 2014

U Is The Twenty First Letter Of The Alphabet

I bet there a lot of UN in the world . I'm taking on world of un-balance. Opinion time...the world is un-balance which is now causing all sorts of afflict on one self and others.

The golden rule now is “who has the most gold rules” Sure there will never be true equality in world. But the economy is leaning to heavy one way.

The ones with more then a pocket full of gold is exploiting our environment. People may laugh at me but we need to respect our earth. Question time..After we exploit are earth then what? Let her run naked as she spins in stress around the sun.
  I been going and it been a slowly though are shed/barn shelves. The shed is so un-balance. There stuff out there, no one can assess. Got to much that others can use including us.
Haven't truly hit the smaller bed room haul out the worthless junk, I can't see giving or selling items that I wouldn't take or purchase.

Pretty much on the down hill side of shed shelves. Then a little tweaking in the bed room. Then the yard sale can be set up.
I'm not out to line my pocket with silver or gold. This is how things will be price....Give what you think is fair and you can afford.
They'll be less then ten items with price tags. What doesn't go will be heading down the road to one of our local thrift stores.

No one person can un balance the world. But every one of us can put a little more balance into it.

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “V”

Coffee is on

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  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I totally agree with you Dora, everyone can help to keep things in balance. Keep the environmentalists out of the picture and we might be able to do just that!


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