Friday, April 18, 2014

P Is The Sixteenth Letter Of The Alphabet

 The mouse ornament holding a star., almost done painting. Just started painting a girl gnome ornament.
I thought I would been done with all four of my ornaments, I started to paint. I've painted a few piece of bisque and is ready to be highlighted, backwash or antique. What every term you want to use.

 Last piece I complete was a WALKING JESUS ceramic piece. Which I have listed on ETSY Since my table was move temporary. I'm not going into great detail. It been moved so we could get to our planets easier. But in some of things it became a issue.

P is for “Painting”

Stop by tomorrow and see what for letter “Q”

Coffee is on


  1. Now that one great Precious thing!! I can't wait for Letter Q :D

  2. Lovely art works. Happy Easter!

  3. Painting can be a very satisfying craft. You become totally absorbed in what you're doing. Great work. Visiting from Blogger's Corner.

  4. I really like all the art work! Happy Easter!

  5. My mom used to love to paint ceramics. I wish I had the time.


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